2015 July; Home again

We returned from UK to find that the team had done a great job in keeping the plants alive. There were some which succumbed but in general Anke’s garden survived pretty well. First task was water, water and more water.

The weather has reverted to the traditional heat, a stark contrast to last year when the rain and general cold affected everything, including our grapes. This year’s crop looks like being a bumper one, exceeding the harvest we saw in 2010, always providing there are no storms to smash the grapes or some other devastating event.

Now free of the Green Building Council (yippee!) James is able to spend time helping sort the Dachgarten. Dragisa did an excellent job in tiling it, and the lower terrace, as well as building a retaining wall and path along the north side of the house. The latter has transformed not only the look of that area of the house but allows us far easier access to the Ostgarten – previously a major expedition over loose sloping stones.


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