Build: 2013 11 04 – 12 01; Weeks 41 to 44

The underfloor heating installation takes very little time, and the next phase starts immediately afterwards – the mortar base for the floor tiles. James helps Vasko’s ‘Man Friday’ – the delightful Baki from the Gorani region of Kosovo (Slav Muslims) – to carry the tiles from the parking area of our current landlord and neighbour (Andrija) up to the house. There are three pallets, so it is hard work, even with a small lorry as we have of course both to load the lorry and then unload it as well as carry the tiles across the rough terrain on Branko’s land into the house. The weather doesn’t help, as Monday 4th brings a storm in from Italy which lasts a couple of days.

By the end of the week, the tiling is just about finished! There is a lot of it, but we are very pleased with the choice of pattern/ colours. They were chosen to blend with everything, and having the same tile throughout the house adds to the feeling of openness and space.

The painters start also during the first week of the month, and within a week that too is done. We start cleaning. Workmen here do not clean up well after themselves.

The kitchen firm come in on the 14th and that is now done. We can use parts of it, but as we do not yet have the official electricity connection, are operating only on a single phase. We choose a marble for the work tops – a lovely brown. It takes about a week for it to be cut to shape but we have to wait until there is a relatively dry day before they can bring it over.. Finally in place on 23rd! Anke is thrilled – it is the first time she has had an island in a kitchen!