Montenegro Green Building Council

Savjet za Ekološku Gradnju Crne Gore/ Montenegro Green Building Council


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Current status of the GBC ME – 2016

Not much activity as no funds!

Thanks to Maša Perović, the German Embassy funded a project for a training course for professionals, based on the European GBC Network’s ‘Green Building Professional’ programme. There were about 35 participants (a variable number as more started but dropped out), who attend a day’s training about every 3 weeks. Interestingly, there were a significant number from municipalities, which augurs well for getting the message across to those responsible for implanting policy.

At the Annual General Meeting in March 2015, James handed over the Presidency to Milovan Novaković, Managing Director for Colliers international in Montenegro, and one of the original initiators of the GBC here. Both James and Anke were delighted to receive Honorary Life Membership of the GBC ME. Needless to say, we find ourselves still contributing! Anke continues to run the GBC Twitter account she started in 2014, as well as posting articles to the GBC ME Facebook page. James has still to be formally replaced as the legal Executive Director in the Business Court, so legally is still responsible for the affairs of the GBC. Bureaucracy in Montenegro is a wondrous thing to behold.