GBC ME 2012 Significant Events

Extracted from the Annual Report to Members by the Board of Governors

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24 February. Serbia Green Building Expo in Belgrade 23 to 25 February. President James Collins accompanied by Membership & Marketing Committee member Mrs Anke Harris-Collins attended the second day of this significant event, organised by the Serbia GBC. The conference part of the day concentrated on the wider European scene, with speakers from France, Germany and UK presenting their countries’ respective accreditation schemes (HQE, DGNB, BREEAM). GBC ME was able to meet a number of other GBCs and discuss topics of mutual interest.

16 March. Seminar on Sustainable Building in Podgorica. The event took place in the Ceremonial Hall/ Svečana sala, Technical Faculties Building, University of Montenegro, Podgorica and GBC ME is most grateful to the Dean of the Faculty and his staff for the use of their facilities. The seminar was very attended, with double the expected number of participants – over 120. Extra chairs had to be found from other areas of the Faculty building. GBC ME President James Collins moderated the proceedings, and welcomed the audience. The first speaker was Milovan Novaković, general manager for Montenegro, Colliers International, who presented the LEED Certification system. This was the first time the LEED system has been explained to a general audience in Montenegro. James Collins then spoke about the German Passivhaus standards, which are the basis for EU energy efficiency requirements for all buildings as from 2020.After a coffee break, Prof Dr Nenad Kazić, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Montenegro, explained the details of the Rulebooks for energy efficiency – calculation of Energy Efficiency and certification of buildings. Finally Dr Igor Kovacević, Ministry for Economy, spoke about Renewable Energy and how it can be used in Montenegro.

24 to 25 April. Conference on Sustainable Development, Kolašin. GBC ME was asked to give a presentation on sustainable buildings, focussing on the Green Economy aspects, during dinner on 24 April. The event was organised by the former Office for Sustainable Development within the framework of the National Council for Sustainable Development. The event gave GBC ME a valuable opportunity to present itself at national level.

20 September. President James Collins accompanied by Membership & Marketing Committee member Mrs Anke Harris-Collins attended the first meeting of Central European and South Eastern European GBCs, held in Ljubljana, and organised by Slovenia GBC. This was a most useful day, during which GBC ME learnt more about plans to introduce a Certificate for Green Building Professionals on a European level, as well as sharing experiences generally with other GBCs. It was agreed to hold regular regional meetings and the next one is scheduled for 20 February in Zagreb.

11 to 12 December. President James Collins accompanied by Membership & Marketing Committee member Mrs Anke Harris-Collins attended the ’kick-off’ meeting of the LEGEND project in Ferrara, Italy. This allowed GBC ME to learn more about the project, which we were invited to join in October 2011 by the Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea, as a direct result of the seminar we held in September 2011. The project started officially on 01 October 2012, and GBC ME is one of two partners in Montenegro, the other being Kotor Municipality. The overall aim is to convert a number of public buildings to use Ground Coupled Heat Pumps as the main heating system, and to promote the results. Our role is to lead one of the four main sections, that of ‘Knowledge fertilization to overcome market and policy barriers’ including ‘Market and policy barriers analysis and reorganization of the relevant legislation’; ‘Elaboration of guidelines for the broad transfer of the project results at local level’; ‘Organization of local workshops’; and ‘Capacity building’.

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