GBC ME 2013 Significant Events

Extracted from the Annual Report to Members by the GBC ME Board of Governors

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20 February. James Collins accompanied by Mrs Anke Harris-Collins attended a meeting in Zagreb of regional GBCs, organised by Croatia GBC. A major topic was the Green Building Professional programme. The initiator of the programme, Steven Borncamp of Romania GBC, gave some very useful information. Croatia GBC added helpful advice from their experience running the programme. World GBC European Coordinator Dominika Czerwinski gave an update on the wider European scene.

23 April. Slobodan Perović attended the annual Festival of Real Estate and Investments (FREI) conference in Budva, and made several useful contacts for potential membership.

25 April. James Collins presented the GBC to staff and students at the Montenegro Business School, part of the Mediterranean University. The presentation included the case for Sustainable Building and the LEGEND project.

13 May. James Collins and Mrs Anke Harris-Collins met His Royal Highness Crown Prince Nikola Njegoš-Petrović at a conference in Podgorica (unconnected with GBC activities) and briefly explained the GBC to him, including a request that he become our Royal Patron. Slobodan Perović met him at shortly afterwards at another event and repeated the request. There was a further longer meeting held at the Prince’s request in Cetinje on 22 August. The Prince declined the invitation to become our Royal Patron as he cannot become linked to commercial activities, however remote the connection. He is most keen to cooperate with us on projects where the interests of his Foundation and ours coincide, and put forward a number of interesting ideas.

10 June. Maša Perović attended a public discussion in Budva on the Government’s Energy Strategy to 2030. The Government’s Strategy paper has one page on the use of heat pumps and little on the use of renewable energy.

14 June. James Collins, Mrs Anke Harris-Collins and Maša Perović attended a UNDP-organised seminar in Tivat on Sustainable Tourism. The opportunity was taken to promote the GBC. Several most useful contacts were made.

16 to 20 September. World GBC-coordinated Green Building Week. James Collins introduced our student membership scheme to staff and students in the Montenegro Business School (part of the Mediterranean University) and in the Faculty of Architecture. The attendance at the latter event was impressively large, due mainly to the influence of the Dean, our Board member Prof. Dr. Dušan Vuksanović. Some excellent young people have joined as student members.

19 to 20 September. Maša Perović presented the Green Building Professional programme at an event in Kolašin organised by the company Cemex’s Croatian branch for its distributors and other contacts in Montenegro. Our attendance was facilitated by Milovan Novaković, who was also present at the event.

25 to 29 September. Energy Efficiency Fair, Budva. The Green Building Professional programme was launched on 27 September at the Fair. Several of our new student members manned our stand and did extremely well.

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