World Green Building Council


The World Green Building Council ( is the coordinating body for all national Green Building Councils, and accredits only one GBC per country.

The various stages of membership are:
            Prospective: the first step on the ladder
            Emerging: has progressed in scope and able to afford a paid staff
            Established: full member, expected to play an active role in global affairs as well as fully capable of making an impact on its national scene

To gain membership of the World GBC, a national GBC has to prove that its Statutes conform to best governance (including that Board members serve pro bonum publicum, ie receive no salary or fee for their contribution) and that it has a membership base covering a high proportion of the various sectors of society concerned with the built environment, for example not simply only architects or builders.

So far Montenegro GBC has progressed from the early stages of simple association to that of a Prospective Member. With the population of the country only about 700,000, the scale of the economy makes growth difficult.

Among the globally coordinated events which the World GBC organises is an annual Green Building Week, usually in the later part of September. Montenegro GBC has successfully played its part every year of its membership.