World Green Building Week 2016

Every Green Building Week has a theme. In 2015, following the COP21 in Paris, the World GBC launched the Better Build Green campaign. This promotes the benefits of green building, and explains them as simply and straightforwardly as possible, to make them understood by as wide an audience as possible.

The message behind Better Build Green was simple: not only had we better build green if we are to reach a two-degree world tomorrow, but we are better off today if we do.
Better Build Green is quite simply the answer to many of the most challenging environmental problems the world faces today.

For World Green Building Week the World GBC aimed to make the Better Build Green campaign as eye-catching and relevant as possible, with the theme ‘Change Your Perspective’. There are so many interesting and often untold facts and figures that can genuinely change how people think about buildings, and specifically green building. People need to understand the impact and benefits that green building can have on global emissions, energy, water, health and well-being, the economy and beyond. It’s time to change their perspective.

I wrote the following 2 articles for the Montenegro GBC as a contribution to the World Green Building Week this year. As they are about our house in Risan, they also deserve a place on this site.