Other Tortoises we have seen on our land

Some of the tortoises we have seen on the plot:

Alex Рwhom we thought to be male, actually female, once we had worked out how to sex tortoises (see below). 

Little Bertie – a baby

June 2009 We thought this was Alex again, but not, though she is female. Jun 2009; about 25cm long.

July 2009.

May 2010; out of focus

January 2011; We found him trapped in the hole where the water main comes into the other part of the plot.

January 2011. Another one, out very early. Glasses case gives an indication of size (about 8cm wide)

July 2011. A baby small enough to fit on the heel of a flip-flop.

George – note the damage to the carapace

Michael, found in Oct 2012. He crawled out from where our neighbour had been moving old concrete balustrades, and had clearly had one fall on him. As we couldn’t take him anywhere to patch him up and he seemed to be mobile enough, we had to leave him.